Choosing the right provider for events

When seeking out emergency medical providers for events or company sites, are you thinking much about the medical records that are created during encounters with patients during your event, or on your company site? This is very important, for many reasons, one of which is risk management for you and the EMS provider.

Several years ago, the medical industry as a whole began to shift away from a paper-based records system to electronic medical records. Gone for the most part are the gigantic file rooms of records, and stacks of folders organizing medical records. Even the paper records were scanned in, and then destroyed. The emergency medical facet of the industry also shifted to electronic medical records, using systems that are called Electronic Patient Care Reports (ePCR). These are shorter versions of the full electronic medical record you now see at your physician's office or in hospitals, due to the much shorter times that emergency medical personnel have to provide care to their patients. Initially, these systems were very difficult and non-intuitive to use. Many providers balked at using them. More and more are using them, primarily due to mandates from local emergency medical service agencies (LEMSAs), as well as state and federal regulations and laws. The goal is a health information exchange that will truly provide information in real-time to those needing the information: Those providing care for the patient. 

Unlike many other event medical providers, VersaCare EMS has been on the forefront  of EMS by openly adopting electronic logging of patients and ePCRs into their practice. While we still have paper PCR systems, these are only used when there is an equipment or data failure that results in the unavailability of the ePCR system, which is a requirement for all providers to have as a backup. And as soon as the system is up, the information is entered into the ePCR system. There are several ePCR systems available for EMS providers. We proudly use <a href="">Nitro PCR</a> as our ePCR solution. A simple to use fully NEMSIS compliant solution. Event organizers and business sites which require access for their insurance filing, have access to this needed information, following all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy laws and regulations regarding the records management.