EMTs on Site

Having an Emergency Medical Technician at your place of business allows for rapid response to emergencies that occur at businesses everyday. While you may not have a lot of emergencies, there are other things EMTs in the workplace can do. EMTs also make wonderful safety officers.

Standby EMS at construction and demolition sites is an important part of Risk Management for construction and demolition companies. Your cost containment is important, and we understand this! Our staff are uniformed, and bring all emergency and first aid equipment with them, including personal protective equipment such as ANSI hard hat, gloves, eye protection, hearing protection, high visibility vest, appropriate work boots. If you have special requirements, please let us know! By doing this, you are free from needing to maintain medical equipment at your sites.

We can also provide daily standby EMS for your corporate locations, and during corporate events that you may hold. By having us at your locations, we can also assist with your Worker's Compensation claims and forms. Our staff are well acquainted with the needs of companies to effectively treat injuries and illnesses, without creating a large issue out of a smaller one. We provide you with all records of patient contacts, even for a simple bandaid. For patients needing transportation to the emergency room, or who refuse medical care, we have electronic patient care reports that document the entire contact. We can stay discreetly in the shadows, or be out and highly visible, as your requirements dictate.

Please contact us at info@vc-ems.com, by phone at 916-521-0966, or click the Request Service button to the right for a custom quotation for services. We look forward to hearing from you!