Your Emergency Medical Provider

VersaCare EMS provides affordable standby emergency medical services in California. VersaCare EMS is very proud of the care we provide at events, which includes:

Professional, Currently Certified Uniformed Emergency Medical Technicians
High quality, well-maintained equipment and vehicles
Bike EMTs are also available
We provide multiple levels of care from First Aid for minor injuries and illnesses to Basic Life Support emergency medical services
Radio Communications on VHF, UHF frequencies
Electronic logging of all patient contacts
Electronic logs of ALL patient contacts to you, the event organizer (LIVE UPDATES coming soon)
Full ELECTRONIC  patient care reports for all patients that are transported to hospitals (Local EMS transporting agencies provide the transport) or who refuse service
Trainers and Massage Therapists are also available
Advanced Life Support EMS coming soon!
VersaCare EMS staff have many years of experience providing transport and standby EMS at events including:

Marathons, Duathlons, Triathlons
Bicycle races (Criterium, Circuit, Fondos, Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, and Downhill)
Community fairs
Music Festivals
Football games
Soccer tournaments
...And more!

We have a strong belief in our work, and it shows. Our staff have a strong work ethic and are devoted to EMS. We use well-maintained, well-stocked gear, are prepared for all-weather events (rain, shine, snow, heat, you name it!). Our staff are fully credentialed, background checked, and uniformed. You will know who your EMS provider is. We can provide our own tent structures or can work within yours. Let VersaCare EMS show you how standby EMS can help your participants, spectators, and staff. We have our own vehicles, which are well marked. And although we don't transport patients to the hospital from events, we do coordinate with local EMS agencies to ensure proper transfer of care of our patients to their services.

Incidents, Notifications, and Patient Data
We have experience with sanctioning requirements, and the forms needed by many sanctioning bodies for their insurance and incident notifications. We provide you with live updates of the care we are providing, and you have secure access to basic data on the patients we have treated, along with needed patient care reports for more severely injured or ill patients treated at your event. We utilize nationally standardized electronic patient care reporting, which can be provided to you if needed for insurance billing or notification purposes. Your data is secure with us for 7 years from the date of your event.

Contact Us by email or call us at 916-521-0966 to obtain a quotation for services at your event!